Difference Between Linen and Ramie

The hemp in cotton and linen clothing is mainly flax and ramie. Although both are hemp, there is a difference between linen and ramie. The clothes made by Linen are delicate and feel good, while the clothes made by ramie and kudzu are relatively rough. The price of Linen is higher than that of ramie.

Linen and Ramie Fibers
Ramie fiber is the only single fiber in hemp fiber that exists in the state of single fiber. Ramie fiber has long length and good elasticity. The length of single fiber can reach 600MM, but the difference is large, and the average length is only 60MM. The traditional "grass cloth" is made by simply mechanically carding undegummed raw hemp into hemp fibers, and weaving and processing. It does not stick to the body in summer.

Which is better, Linen or Ramie clothing?
Linen clothing has a higher yarn count, fine weaving, and soft texture. Linen clothing is better, and ramie clothing will feel prickly when worn.

Linen fiber is the first natural fiber discovered and used by humans, because it has natural texture and elegant and simple color, and has anti-ultraviolet function, no stimulation to human skin, good heat dissipation function, and certain anti-bacterial function.

The difference between Linen and Ramie clothing
Some hemp clothes are very branched when worn on the body, and harden after being put into the water, which is a characteristic of ramie products. The distinction between Linen and Ramie can be tested from three aspects:

One is the appearance. Ramie products have obvious wrinkles and sharp edges and corners, while Linen products have larger wrinkles, which are natural and will gradually spread out;

The second is the fabric surface. The structure of ramie is very loose, and the gap between the warp and weft threads of the fabric is very large. The fabric structure of Linen is very full and the drapability is particularly good;

Third, when exposed to water, ramie products harden, while Linen products are soft.

The higher the yarn count of Linen products, the smoother the surface and the better the quality. Look at the gloss first. Then look at the number of small bumps (grains) on the surface. The fewer grains on the surface of a linen product, the better the quality. Third, look at the drape. Good Linen products have good drape and are smooth.

Compared with Linen fiber, ramie is relatively shorter, with higher stiffness, poorer spinnability and cheaper price. The amount used in textile and clothing is less than that of Linen, but it is used in a large amount in other aspects such as home textiles.


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